Pan For Gold Winners 2020

Have you entered our Pan For Gold draw? For only £5 per ball, you could be in with a chance of winning a decent cash prize and support the club at the same time!

Click here for details of how to join Pan For Gold.

The winners of our most recent draws are listed below:


1st Chris Brinkhurst (£50), 2nd Steve Rook (£20), 3rd Kevin Brook (£20)


1st Barabara Arnold (£50), 2nd J Fears (£20), 3rd Ni Finney (£20)


1st Nick Cannon (£50), 2nd David Arnold (£20), 3rd Stuart Fuller (£20)


1st Barry Haffenden (£50), 2nd BA Cramp (£20), 3rd Steve Rook (£20)


1st Derrick Parris (£50), 2nd Barry Haffenden (£20), 3rd Alan Sayers (£20)


1st Paul Johnson (£50), 2nd Derrick Parris (£20), 3rd Sue Evans (£20)


1st Pat Dartnell (£50), 2nd Jason Foulkes (£20), 3rd Dave Lamb (£20)


1st Eddie Ellis (£50), 2nd Chris Brinkhurst (£20), 3rd Jean Parris (£20)

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