Pan For Gold winners – November 2020

Never let anyone accuse the Lewes FC Supporters Club of not being at the bleeding edge of technology. With physical meetings ruled out by the pandemic thingy, the Supporters Club went virutal for November’s Pan For Gold draw, with Treasurer Paul ‘PJ’ Johnson dipping into the Bucket of Joy in front of a gaggle of Google Meet witnesses.

As you can see, the lucky winner was ball no. 100, belonging to none other than Supporters Club stalwart David Arnold. (Allegations of a fix will be dealt with by The Supporters Club Disciplinary Panel, chaired by D Arnold Esq.)

The full list of winners are below:

1st Prize – David Arnold (£100)  

2nd Prize – Sue Evans (£50) 

 3rd Prize  – Robert Harris (£50)

If you haven’t already had your palms greased, contact Chairman Al to claim your prize.

And if you want to be in with a chance of claiming the December prizes just in time for Christmas, find out how to sign up for Pan For Gold here.