Pan For Gold Winners – January 2021

With supporters sadly barred from attending The Dripping Pan for the foreseeable, this month’s Pan For Gold draw was held online during Thursday’s Supporters Club meeting. But how do you know the unimpeachable PJ – the Supporters Club treasurer – wasn’t fiddling the draw? Because we have photographic proof.

First prize was ball no. 3:

The first prize – a record £120 – went to none other than his Lordship, Mark Conford.

The second prize of £60 went to:

Ball 5, which belongs to none other than badge-selling supremo Gary Blaber, who just so happens to be PJ’s long-term terrace buddy. OK… moving swiftly on…

The third and final ball of the evening was:

No, you shouldn’t read anything into the fact PJ could no longer show his face… Ball 72 belongs to James Archer, who also pockets £60.

If you haven’t already claimed your prize, get in touch with PJ or Supporters Club generalissimo Al using the form on this page.

If you’ve not already joined Pan For Gold, hang your head in shame and sign up here.