Can you help us provide match commentary?

Could you be the eyes of someone who can’t see games for themselves? We’ve recently taken delivery of a fantastic piece of kit that allows us to provide live match commentary for supporters with visual impairments at our home games. Now we need help making it happen.

The kit – which was paid for by funds raised by the Supporters Club and several generous donations – is genuinely game-changing for people who struggle to see the pitch.

We tested it at last Saturday’s game vs East Thurrock and two fans with eyesight problems told us how it completely transformed the match experience for them. To paraphrase one of them: “I haven’t really been engaged in games for the past few years, but the commentary helped me feel part of it.”

The kit we’ve bought lets ten fans receive a live match commentary from anywhere in the ground. You don’t have to sit or stand in a special area – you can move around the ground and listen to the commentary from wherever you want.

We’re going to keep testing for a few more games, just so we make sure we get everything right before we open it up fully. But if you’re interested in helping us test the equipment, or know someone who would like to participate, please click here to drop us an email.

How you can help

We’re looking for a commentary project manager. A volunteer who will ensure the kit is at games (it’s the size of large briefcase), ensure the batteries are charged, handle the distribution of the earpieces at games and generally manage the project. You won’t have to do all the commentary yourself because…

We’re also looking for volunteer match commentators. You don’t have to be the next John Motson – just someone who can describe what’s happening on the pitch with enthusiasm! We’re hoping to put together a training session for volunteer commentators, so if you’ve ever fancied a spot behind the mic, here’s your chance.

We know this is going to be a hugely rewarding project. If either job interests you, then please click here to drop us an email or ask for any of the Supporters Club committee at games and we’ll be glad to have a chat.