Lewes 3 vs Hastings Utd 1: Life’s rich tapestry

The troops returned battered from the Battle of Chatham:

The commander of the Rooks army rang the changes:

The revitalised Rooks brought in reinforcements and tweaked formations:

Fierce battle erupted as the Rooks took early advantage at Parris End:

And a rout seemed likely as Sir Thomas led a second offensive:

But the Hastings raiders regrouped and struck a telling blow:

The peasants queued for mead to settle their nerves:

But as battle resumed, the Rooks pressed forwards once more, sparking delirium among the hordes:

And thus the Battle of Hastings was won, forcing the rabble to return once more to the Great Debates of Facebook about merchants from foreign lands:

Lewes: Harvey, Elliott, Hughes, Vint, Penney, Olukoga, Sablier, Wood, Pritchard, Moore, Lumbombo-Kalala

Subs: Tamplin, Egan, Salmon, Dalling, Murtagh

Supporters Club man of the match: Deon Moore, who proved a greater threat than dysentery all evening

Boyesy’s brilliant photos:

Lewes 3 Hastings Utd 1 26 12 2023-95.jpg

Video highlights from Your Instant Replay: