Three Bridges 4 vs Lewes 0: Good luck with the match report

Everyone calmed down yet? No, thought not.

There’s no point in me writing a blow-by-blow account of what went wrong at Three Bridges because it’s like getting a running commentary of how the bus ran over your cat. Nobody who was there wants reminding; those who weren’t there are spared the counselling sessions.

In short: it was a spineless, error-strewn collapse against a thunderously ordinary side. Three Bridges are not playing beneath their level, they aren’t the best thing to come out of Crawley since Robert Smith, they just wanted it. We didn’t. Why?

Rumours persist the management aren’t bothered about the cups. If that’s true (and it’s strongly supported by the evidence on the field this season), they’re at odds with the vast majority of Lewes supporters.

1,178 people turned up for the first tie. Over a thousand people for a game against lower-league opposition where everyone, including season ticket holders, has to pay to get in. That’s an extraordinary crowd – imagine what the figure would have been against Hereford, train strike or not?

Aside from snuffing out hope of a cup run and the huge financial benefits one brings, the other problem with our half-arsed approach to the FA Cup is that it’s entirely counter-productive. We’ve played four games to progress one round. Two league games have been lost because of replays. The Cup doesn’t get in the way, failing to kill off lower-league opposition does.

So, now, it’s time for the management and board to come clean. Are we bothered about the cups or not? If not, save us all the massive journeys to the arse-end of nowhere, the petrol money, the tenners to get in and let us go and watch a team who actually wants to win. The FA Trophy and Sussex Senior Cup are still to come. If we’ve got no interest in competing, tell us now.

If that’s all bollocks and the management/club are as keen on the FA Cup as the fans are, then I’m even more worried. Because if that’s what we play like when we want to win, we’re in a world of pain…

Lewes: Carey, Olukoga, Nelson, Salmon, Carlse, Young, Skinner, Silva, Murrell-Williamson, Moore, Taylor

Benchwarmers: Coleman De-Graft, Pritchard, Yao, Phipp, Middleton-Tozer, Jenkins

Supporters Club Man of the Match: Fraser Middleton-Tozer for having to make his debut amidst that performance