Join Pan For Gold today!

The Lewes FC Supporters Club invite you all to join this opportunity to support Lewes FC and have a chance of winning a few pounds each month. Click here to join right away or read on to find out how it works.

Pan for Gold works like this:

  • £5 per month buys you one ball in the Pan For Gold draw
  • There’a a prize draw every month, with first, second and third-place prizes – first prize is currently £100 and keeps growing as we add new members
  • The prize money is equal to half of the amount received each month, so the more people that enter, the bigger the prize fund

We currently have more than 80 members and we’d love to reach 100 by Christmas!

If we had 100 members then we could be donating £3,000 to the club every year from Pan for Gold alone.

How to join today

There are two ways of entering our Pan For Gold draw.

We’d really love you to set up a monthly standing order that pays your entry fee directly into our bank account. That way we collect every penny of the money you donate and can put it to good use at the club.

If you want to join Pan For Gold by standing order, fill out the form below and we’ll send you details of how to set up your standing order and enter you into next month’s draw!

Alternatively, if you want to enter right away and pay by debit card, credit card or PayPal, you can click on any of the links below and join right away. This method does involve small fees for the Supporters Club, so if you can use a standing order instead, that would be great. If not, simply click on the link below for the number of entries you’d like per month and we’ll sign you up immediately:

1 x £5 entry per month (£5 per month in total)

2 x £5 entry per month (£10 per month in total)

3 x £5 entry per month (£15 per month in total)

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