Pan For Gold winners 2023

The Lewes FC Supporters Club Pan For Gold is the biggest cash prize in football*. And now it’s about to get even bigger!

(*Excludes most of football)

June’s first prize will be a record £150, with two runners-up prizes of £60. So there’s never been a better time to get involved.

If you want to be part of our monthly draw, it costs as little as £5 per month to put yourself in with a chance of winning a three-figure cash sum. You can join Pan For Gold online now!

All the money raised goes to improving facilities for supporters at The Dripping Pan, so either way, you can’t really lose.

Here are the recent winners of Pan For Gold. We do our best to reach out to winners, but email us here if you need to claim a prize.

May 2023

1st prize: Jonathan Sussams (£120)
2nd prize: Dave Evans (£60)
3rd prize: Richard Turner (£60)
4th prize: Fred Hoad (£40)

April 2023

1st prize: Richard Turner (£120)
2nd prize: Maggie Murphy (£60)
3rd prize: Terry Morton (£60)
4th prize: Tara Mackintosh (£40)

March 2023

1st prize: James Archer (£120)
2nd prize: Cecil Riggs (£60)
3rd prize: Jean Parris (£60)
4th prize: Robert Harris (£40)

February 2023

1st prize: James Boyes (£120)
2nd prize: Jim Rawles (£60)
3rd prize: Stuart Fuller (£60)
4th prize: Alan Huxley (£40)

January 2023

1st prize: Jason Foulkes (£120)
2nd prize: Kathy Brinkhurst (£60)
3rd prize: Noel Golding (£60)
4th prize: Dave Lamb (£40)